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In Florida, the 10-day rule for DUI arrests dictates that there is an immediate suspension of your driver’s license upon arrest. Within these 10 days, you can request an administrative hearing or forfeit your right to it, opting for an immediate business-purpose-only license. A breath test result of .08 or above results in a month administrative (DHSMV) license revocation, and a refusal results in a 12 month revocation for a first-time DUI. The administrative hearing determines if there was probable cause for the arrest. Winning the hearing could reinstate your license while losing may result in a waiting period for another hardship license. A court-imposed driver’s license revocation depends on whether there is a DUI conviction.

After a DUI conviction in Florida, the consequences for your driver’s license are severe and can last a long time. First-time offenders can face a minimum 180-day suspension. If your DUI results in bodily harm or happens shortly after a previous offense, the suspension period can escalate significantly, possibly resulting in permanent revocation in extreme instances. A driver’s record and history of DUI convictions will dictate the extent and severity of license revocation periods. It is important to seek legal counsel immediately following your arrest to avoid missing important deadlines.

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