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A Family Law Attorney Advocating For You And Your Children

Family law is a complicated field that requires a skilled attorney. That’s why you should contact the Law Office of Christopher G. Frey, Esq. As an attorney with more than 35 years of experience, I have the knowledge and skills you are looking for. Whether facing a divorce, a child custody dispute or questions about property division, I provide my clients with a personalized and effective service that addresses their unique needs and concerns.

Comprehensive And Customized Family Law Representation

Your case may be relatively simple, straightforward and amicable. It could also be highly complex and contentious. Whatever legal services you require, I’m here to be your advocate. I offer full-service representation related to matters like:

Divorce: A divorce case is a civil court case that ends a marriage. A judge can issue a decree ending the marriage, as well as alimony and child custody orders. Divorce cases can also involve issues of paternity.

Property division: Florida law requires divorcing couples to divide assets equitably (fairly), which is not always the same thing as equally. For some assets, a financial professional may be needed to assess the property’s market value. I can help you prioritize the assets most important to you and ensure your financial interests are protected.

Alimony: In most cases where it is awarded, alimony is ordered by a court in the event of a separation. Alimony payments must be made on a periodic basis and are often ordered for a specified period of time. Whether you are seeking alimony or are concerned you’ll be asked to pay, I will argue vigorously and effectively for the outcome you are seeking.

Child custody: Florida law requires that judges make child custody decisions according to the best interests of the children. Often, this means keeping both parents actively involved. As your attorney, I am committed to protecting your parental rights and preserving your relationship with your kids.

Child support: Both parents are obligated to financially support their children, regardless of their relationship status. When calculating child support, the court will consider the income and employment status of each parent, the allocation of child custody and any other factors deemed relevant. I will work to ensure that your child support order is fair and sustainable for both parties and meets the needs of your children.

Criminal Issues Related To Family Law

As a lawyer who practices both family law and criminal law, I regularly assist clients facing legal matters at the intersection of these two areas of law. These include:

Domestic violence: A history or allegations of domestic violence will necessarily have a significant impact on a family law case – especially when it comes to child custody rulings. If you’re the victim of an abusive relationship, I can help you file for divorce and seek orders of protection to protect yourself and your children. If you’ve been falsely accused of domestic violence by a spouse or co-parent, I will work tirelessly to clear your name and expose the allegations as malicious and fabricated.

Child abuse and neglect: Essentially, child abuse is any behavior that causes physical or emotional harm to a child. Child abuse can be physical, such as beatings, or it can be emotional/verbal. Allegations of child abuse are incredibly stressful and the investigative process can be very difficult to deal with. It is important to contact a skilled lawyer at the first signs of trouble.

Juvenile delinquency: Unlike criminal law, where there are judges and juries who will hear cases against adults, family courts are the sole venues for evaluating juvenile delinquency. The procedure is very similar to a criminal trial, but the focus is on the child. A prosecutor or presentment agency will represent the people, while the child’s parent or guardian will be the defendant. Once a delinquency petition is filed, the respondent must move to dismiss the complaint or file a motion to dismiss the case.

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