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An Experienced Attorney Defending Florida Homeowners Against Foreclosure

Although many years have passed since the housing market crash of 2008, it remains a strong memory in the minds of millions of American homeowners – especially here in Florida. Even today, the housing market continues to fluctuate widely, and many mortgage lenders continue the predatory and irresponsible practices that were exposed by the crash.

If you are a homeowner who has fallen behind on payments and are now risking foreclosure, you need an attorney on your side who will fight to protect your rights and your property. In the Tampa area, look no further than the Law Office of Christopher G. Frey, Esq.. I have more than 35 years of legal experience in a variety of practice areas, including bankruptcy law, real estate law and foreclosure defense. I understand that the problems leading to foreclosure occur on both sides of the lending relationship, and I want to help you understand and exercise all of your available legal options.

Did The Loan Servicer Break The Law Or Otherwise Violate Your Rights?

If you’ve been making payments or a good faith effort to work with your loan servicer but are still being threatened with foreclosure, it may be the case that your loan servicer is guilty of poor recordkeeping, dishonest business practices or violations of the law. As your attorney, my first job will be to investigate the allegations made by the loan servicer, as well as any evidence you have to refute those claims. If the company servicing your loan has violated federal mortgage servicing laws or violated state laws regarding the foreclosure process, I will uncover the truth and employ all available legal remedies – including a lawsuit, if warranted.

What Other Options May Be Available?

If there is no obvious wrongdoing on the part of the loan servicer, you likely still have options to avoid foreclosure. Some of these include:

  • Have your attorney help you negotiate with the lender to seek a loan modification, refinance or forbearance
  • Propose an official repayment plan that would allow you to become current on mortgage payments
  • Negotiate a short sale with the lender
  • File for bankruptcy protection

Each of these options has risks as well as benefits. For instance, a short sale is a legal way to avoid foreclosure by letting the mortgage company write off the difference between what you owe and what the home is worth. However, you may have to pay a realtor’s fees and closing costs in addition to the amount owed. This is one of many reasons why it’s critical to consult an experienced foreclosure defense attorney.

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From my office in Tampa, the Law Office of Christopher G. Frey serves clients throughout the surrounding areas of Florida. I make it easy to explore your legal options by offering free case evaluations. To learn how I may be able to help you keep the home you’ve worked so hard for, contact my firm online or call 813-322-2419.

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