Delivering Aggressive, Professional And Effective Legal Representation

Prearrest and Precharging Representation

Often, individuals may become aware of a possible criminal charge before any official arrest or filing of charges occurs. Law enforcement agents may contact them as part of their investigative procedures. In such scenarios, Christopher G. Frey, the principal criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Christopher G. Frey, will intervene by talking with government investigators, negotiating with prosecutors, and conducting an exhaustive independent investigation. The aim is to prevent charges from being brought forth or reduce potential charges’ severity. If charges are imminent but the client remains unarrested, we can facilitate a smooth surrender and negotiate for either a release on recognizance (ROR) or an affordable bond. Clients benefit from the firm’s representation by having a seasoned defense attorney protecting their interests throughout the investigation.

Emergency Bond Hearings

When an arrest occurs, the primary objective is to swiftly secure the client’s release. Typically, the accused is entitled to a reasonable bond and an expedited bond hearing. Upon being retained, we act promptly to arrange a bond hearing. We frequently negotiate with prosecutors for the client’s release under fair conditions or persuade the court to approve reasonable pretrial release terms.

Representation in All Criminal Matters

The Law Office of Christopher G. Frey offers comprehensive legal defense in all counties in Florida. Christopher G. Frey has extensive experience, including taking over 275 cases to a jury trial. He has successfully defended clients against charges ranging from homicide and DUI manslaughter to drug trafficking, robbery, arson, white-collar crimes, sex offenses, and more.

Pretrial Litigation

We believe success is built on thorough and aggressive pretrial preparation; we meticulously examine every case. We scrutinize the government’s evidence and witnesses, employing advanced investigative methods to uncover robust defenses.

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